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For WordPress there are many many themes available. A WordPress theme is the basic layout for your website. You can edit a theme like you wish however for this you might need some HTML and CSS coding skills.

It is not directly necessary to have coding skills at the beginning but from our own experience when you get a bit more confidence and experienced working with WordPress, you surely want to come familiar with HTML and CSS.

There are like said many themes to choose from: free themes, freemium themes – free but not complete with all functions a theme has to offer and premium themes – themes that do not offer a free version at all. It is really up to you to choose your theme that fits the purpose of your blog website.

Here you find an overview of available WordPress themes but there are also stand-alone theme companies who sell WordPress themes.


Divi WordPress Theme

Divi Theme

One of these companies is Elegant Themes. They are the creator of the #1 and most popular WordPress theme called Divi. The Divi theme is a very broad and multifunctional WordPress theme. Divi theme comes with a lot of extras: pluigins for functionallity, templates and more. It also comes with the Divi Builder, creating beautiful drag and drop webpages. You can build any website you want with this theme.

*Note that when you get the Deluxe courses with Blogging Rebels: you will get a full Divi theme try out version for free, for a limited time included in the course price

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